SUBURGATORY “Don’t Call Me Shirley” Review

SUBURGATORY "Don’t Call Me Shirley" Season 1 Episode 4 – A suburban crime spree has the entire neighborhood in a crazy tizzy in "Don’t Call Me Shirley," this week’s Suburgatory. Rather than theserial killer Tessa was hoping for, the crime of the century is the theft of several of Sheila’s Shirley Temple dolls. Stop the presses.

Because George isn’t able to install her panic room quickly enough, Dallas drags Dalia to the Altman’s for an impromptu sleepover. In true suburgatory mom style, she quickly oversteps all boundaries, demanding china plates for microwave pizza and even going so far as to move George’s underwear to make room for her yoga pants.

Meanwhile, Tessa is in hell having Dalia at her house, especially after she all but accused Tessa of stealing the dolls. I love that there was no understanding reached between these two, and the only reason they ended up working together was that they both want the same thing: for Tessa to go back to New York. Read More...


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