CSI “CSI Down” Review

CSI "CSI Down" Season 12 Episode 5 – Can we declare an official moratorium to "Flash forwards" onTV shows? Seriously. It was cool when LOST was doing it because they did it well, but when it’s emulated on lesser shows like FlashForwardCSI: Miami, and now this, it just comes off frustrating.

So CSI returned this week "CSI Down" and the episode began with, you guessed it, a flash forward of a crashed helicopter before cutting back to three hours prior. My problem with flash forwards is that it’s a lose-lose, and I’ll use this episode as an example. You title the episode "CSI down" and show a scene of a crashed helicopter with a battered Crime Scene vest like the ones our characters wear, and we’re supposed to believe that one of our team members is going to die, right? Well, if that does happen and somebody dies, then it completely ruins the surprise and ruins the "Holy crap" of the moment if we already know what’s going to happen. Or, if it’s a misdirect like this episode and nothing permanent even happens, then you just feel cheated and it feels like the writers wussed out from giving you the conclusion that they foreshadowed. Read More...



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