MODERN FAMILY “Go Bullfrogs!” Review

MODERN FAMILY "Go Bullfrogs" Season 3, Episode 6 – I’m kind of a sucker for those sentimental father-daughter story lines like the one we got on tonight’s Modern Family. It might be cliché, but there’s something about the moment when a father realizes that his little girl has grown up that just strikes right at my core.

We’re used to seeing the unique relationship that Phil and Luke share, so it was a nice change to see Phil spend some real down to earth time with his oldest child. With an intense pride, Phil brings Haley to his alma mater in the hopes of getting her excited about college.

Although Phil was a complete dork while he was showing Haley around, she was relatively unfazed by the embarrassing things he was doing and seemed to passively indulge his enthusiasm. I was impressed that Haley was able to read her dad well enough to know that he was hoping to be able to hang out with her after dinner. Instead of immediately ditching him to hang out with cool new college people, she opted to turn down their invitation and stay with Phil until he insisted that she go. In her home environment, Haley has a tendency to be somewhat selfish and insensitive so I thought this was a really great moment that showed us a more mature side of her character. Read More...


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