One Piece, Season 10 Episode 427 Review: Little East Blue Targeted!

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)

With the theatrical movie Strong World due out in just a couple of weeks, the Special Presentation episodes continue to roll right along this week in order to build up enthusiasm for it. Unfortunately, it's having the opposite effect on me as it's not giving me any reason to want to see it at all at this point. The break in the ongoing story arc is frustrating enough but these first two episodes of it are so weak and uninteresting that it compounds the issue even more.

When there are moments within the first two minutes where you want to turn off the episode completely, that's not a good sign. Nami's heading off to the East Blue island isn't a bad thing but the first thing she meets upon arriving there are four complete idiots who make up her fanclub and have shaved the letters for the word love on the backs of their head for her. Her expression sums up how this arc has felt so far in general. And as bad as that is, the rest of the inhabitants of the East Blue Island aren't much better, especially when taken as a whole. Some of them aren't so bad individually but as they add up, such as we see the various Straw Hat members interacting with them in their various locales, it just pushes the whole group into a very different level.

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