AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL "Coco Rocha" Cycle 17 Episode 5 – Sometimes America’s Next Top Model does something so incredibly dumb and entertaining and ridiculous that you can’t help but just admire its balls. Sure, you might think Tyra and/or her producers just lack the capacity to be embarrassed, but I think they’re just the best facilitators of some of the best comedy improv momentson television. Would you believe that this show, which claims to nurture budding wannabe models, would put these models in pixellated bikinis and warrior face paint on the beach to play a game of game football with players from the NFL? No? Well then you might be accused of being a sensible human, someone who would give Tyra and co the benefit of the doubt. But you would be wrong. Because that happened.

It wasn’t even like they were pretending that this was training for a model. The photos taken were shit, the prizes were some garage sale jewellery, $2,500 dollars for two different salaries and a photo on Tyra’s personal blog. Read More...


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