CRIMINAL MINDS “From Childhood’s Hour” Review

CRIMINAL MINDS "From Childhood’s Hour" Season 7 Episode 5 – Depression is a terrible, tragic thing for anyone to deal with, whether you suffer from it yourself or you know someone close who suffers from it, and it is scarring for a child of a clinically depressed single mother to have to bear witness to all of his mother’s episodes. The way this episode handles depression is total bullshit. At one point Rossi makes the comment "A mother wants to kill herself. What does that say to a child? That you’re not worth sticking around for?" No, dumbass. It says she thinks the child would be better off without her. It says she’s living in a dark hole with no light anywhere, that she can’t stop crying, she can’t help thinking that she’s worthless, pathetic, that life is insignificant, that death would be better than the pain that’s weighing her down. The lack of empathy this episode had when dealing with the issue ofdepression was so startling and so insulting that I was shocked it comes from a show which often tries to find empathy for the most depraved humans.

The episode featured some lovely moments between the characters, like Morgan and Reid’s banter about women’s shoes, and even devoted a few minutes to Rossi’s issues with his ex-wife (wife number one, we’re told in a pretty amusing scene between Rossi and Prentiss) who wants Rossi to help euthanize her when her time comes. In typical Criminal Minds fashion, the writers way overswing when aiming for an emotional mark and the only thing that keeps this show from being a melodrama like the far superior Revenge is the fact that it is plot driven. Otherwise, the bloodied knife on the table for the kid to find would have been hilarious. Read More...


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