REVENGE “Guilt” Review

REVENGE "Guilt" Season 1 Episode 5 – Five episodes in and I’m ready to just declare this my second favorite show of the season (after Homeland). It’s so fun, it’s so camp, and yet it plays everything completely straight, employs some nifty directors, excellent actors and it’s writing, in terms of structure and plotting, is among the best on television. The whole trouble with Lydia returning to wreck havoc on Victor and Conrad was so well handled, especially given that once she disappeared at the end of the pilot, I figured she was gone forever. But Revenge is clearly not a procedural where people are dissed and dropped off the face of the earth. People come back. And it’s this part where Emily’s troubles start to get deadly (I know, I’m a terrible human being.)

So yes, Lydia dropped to her death. The episode opened with her fall, which, because we’ve all watched television before, was obviously not suicide and dispensed with the "shock factor" which might have marred the end and made it seem unbelievable, but instead because it opened the episode her fall heightened the suspense. Read More...


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