AMERICAN HORROR STORY "Murder House" Episode 3 – Well, AMERICAN HORROR STORY finally feels like the show that I expected from the start. A lot less fetish-ness (is that a word) going on, and more horror! The show feels like a horror movie, and I LOVE it!

This week, Viv is attempting to sell the house, only to discover that it is the pièce de résistance in a local haunted tour. Known as the "murder house", Vivien discovers that her home holds many more secrets than the realtor let on. Instead of the murders that we know about, we also find out in "Murder House"" that the initial owner performed abortions in secret, and PROBABLY killed his wife.

Dr. Montgomery was also doing some nasty Frankenstein experiments with pig carcasses and bat wings – I think we’ve found out the meaning behind the jars in the basement…. Ew. Well, Montgomery is in serious debt, but thanks to his wife (who basically says she’s not going to take the creditors banging on the door any longer), he dives into the lovely world of aborting unborn babies for money. LOVELY. Read More...


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