THE SECRET CIRCLE "Wake" Season 1 Episode 6 - It’s been two days since Nick’s death, and the people of Chance Harbor are ready to come together to hold his wake. While Diana looks forphotographs of Nick to take to the wake Adam and his father are hosting at the boathouse, Cassie isdealing with the news that Nick’s older brother, Jake, has come to town – and is the new link in their circle, which unbeknownst to Cassie is based on family lines after being bound, not individuals.

Jake seems to be back in town because of Nick’s death, but Adam is skeptical. He’s also ridiculously protective of Cassie and hates her talking to him. Diana, already upset by his jealous boyfriend-esque behaviour, is hurt even more by Adam’s father, Ethan, telling her that Adam and Cassie are fated, ‘written in the stars’. Convinced their love isn’t strong enough, Diana breaks up with Adam.

Meanwhile, fires in the shape of crescent moons are set around town to mark the witches, and a woman named Simone attacks Cassie to take her blood. We learn that Jake knows her, and by the end of the episode we find that he was working alongside her, part of a witch hunting group who decided to try using a witch to kill his fellow witches. When Simone attacks him, Jake is forced to kill her — an action that is seem by Cassie and interpreted as him being on the circle’s side. But by the end of the episode, Jake is back with his fellow witch hunters, declaring that he still wants to kill witches, the people who destroyed his family. Read More...


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