THE VAMPIRE DIARIES “Smells Like Teen Spirit” Review

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES "Smells Like Teen Spirit" Season 3 Episode 6 - It’s the first day of senior year! Becky is now a high school student! Tybrid is pathologically inclined to want what’s best for Klaus! Michael the Vampire Slayer wakes up – and drinks Katherine! Stefan is ripper-tastic and acomplete ass to Elena and, well, anyone else who happens to be in his present location, until Elena can find the strength to stake him – but not before there’s an attempt on her life, he saves it and we see a hint of the old Stefan lurking beneath the surface! Matt helps Vicky become corporeal so she can interact with our world, she tries to kill Elena, Bonnie and Matt vanquish her – and then more dead people become corporeal!

And…that is pretty much the entire episode. And it was good!

Okay, enough with the exclamation marks now. But this was a damned good enough of TVD. I think I loved it so much because it was very character building, well, that and Hot Uncle Lockwood and his sole facial expression are back. In the interests of brevity, let’s look at most of this episode by pairing:


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