GREY’S ANATOMY “Poker Face” Review

GREY’S ANATOMY "Poker Face" Season 8 Episode 6 – I thought for a second emo Derek was back for yet another episode, but he’s just pissed at Lexie. Why can’t Kepner and Lexie be friends. They can be nervous yet high performing together.

Owen and Christina’s sexcapades just make sense. I mean do you remember the hot fan room scenes with these two? They’re not talkers, their doers. But after eight years, doctors at Seattle Grace still don’t know to make sure the oncall room is unoccupied before they start making out?

It’s also kind of concerning that with the new ten strikes your out policy the residents are being cautious with their patients for the first time since season one. I know some of the riskier procedures saved some patient’s lives, but shouldn’t you be guarding against bad outcomes every surgery you do?

Arizona and Sloan’s new foodie friendship seems to have come out of no where. Did Callie make the sign up for a continuing ed crepe class and it backfired. Did they bound over a shared love of Rachel Ray? I did enjoy Callie’s frustration-whatever a Grey’s doctor wants, they hate when they actually get it. Read More...


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