THE LEAGUE “The Au Pair” Review

THE LEAGUE "The Au Pair" Season 3 Episode 3- This week’s episode of The League was the strongest episode of the season to date. I always enjoy the infusion of fantasy terminology into their real life situations, but this week’s Fantasy Word of the Week (vulturing) made for some pretty solid comedy. Along with the FWOW, it was fascinating to see someone else call out Andre on his obliviousness towards his dopey personality. Instead of coming from one of the guys this week, the Andre-bashing came from none other than the gang’s fantasy hero, Matthew Berry of ESPN.

For his part, Mr. Berry was surprisingly competent in the bar scene with Andre after getting off to a rough (predictably) start with Kevin. Clearly, Mr. Berry is more at home arguing with dudes in bars in some insane football code language, than he is carrying a conversation with an excited fan. Nonetheless, I expected Mr. Berry to come off as wooden and stiff, but came away pleasantly surprised. Don’t quit your day job, Matthew, but you certainly could have been worse (I am looking at you, Every NFL Player Who Has Been On The League). Read More...


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