IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA “The Storm of the Century” Review

IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA Season 7 Episode 6 "The Storm of the Century" – Sunny" is easily one of my favorite shows on television. I’ve seen every episode and yes, I am one of those geeks that owns the DVDs so that I can listen to episode commentary. Not a single member of the gang has any redeeming qualities and while they should be fully aware of this, watching their completeobliviousness to this fact and destroying a few lives along the way makes for great television.

Tonight we saw the gang preparing for a natural disaster in the form of some not-so-sunny weather. Pun intended. A hurricane was a-comin’ and naturally, everyone had their own ideas about how to survive the storm.

Dennis: I love when the gang’s mission is so important that roles must be defined. In past episodes ofIt’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Dennis has been the self-proclaimed looks and brains of the operation. Lest we not forget that he is a legend! Tonight, Dennis is the "chicks and tit" guy of the operation. We got another disturbing look at creepy Dennis who, if you recall, looks like sex offender. A man who wants to buy a boat for the ladies "because of the implication that things might go wrong for a woman" who refuses him sexually because there is nowhere for her to run when surrounded by nothing but the ocean could probably benefit from a sex contract. Read More...


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