'The Vampire Diaries': Steven R. McQueen can't give up the ghost


So, you just woke up the baddest vampire in the history of all vampires. What now?For "The Vampire Diaries" resident Haley Joel, Jeremy, the answer is simple: you get your butt home in time for your sophomore history class. "You know what, at the beginning of this episode, it's the first day of school! He can't miss that," Steven R. McQueen told us. Jeremy is done cavorting with Katherine in Charlotte. "Jeremy's back at school, dealing with his relationship and how the ghosts are going to affect it." With all the chemistry between Jeremy and ghostly Anna, we had to ask: Can a ghost and human hook up? And, more importantly, where does that leave Bonnie? "I don't know," McQueen laughs. "We'll see. Anna was really important to Jeremy and it definitely causes some friction with Bonnie. There are definitely going to be some conversations about that. At the end of the day, Jeremy and...



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