‘Jersey Shore,’ Season Four Finale: TV Recap

Fittingly, the final episode of this season starts out with Mike, who is feeling sorry for himself, arriving home by himself to wallow in his misery. He finds Snooki in bed and tries to talk to her, but she pretends to be asleep. Smartest thing she’s done all season.

As the rest of the gang comes home, Sammi and Ronnie discuss that something has to be done about Mike. Sammi says that Mike is bringing down the house, and Ronnie is going to talk to him. "I’m going to put everything on the table" Ron tells him. He tells him that Mike causes all the s__t that goes on. Mike confesses that he feels like the villian. Ronnie tells him to fix whatever bridges he burned and if he can’t, he has to go. "Whoever you think you did wrong to, apologize to." Mike says he’s only burned a couple of bridges, not all of them. He says he’d rather "scoot." Ronnie tells the camera that he "took time and breath" out of his life, and if "he wants to act like Angelina, then he can act like Angelina." Ronnie tells Sammi that he tried to get Mike to man up, so they’ll see. Sammi admires Ronnie for finally telling Mike how it is — since nobody has ever done that before. "I love you baby" she tells him. Read More...



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