Private Practice Review: Coop and His Mini Cooper

Four weeks in… and I’m pleased to say this season of Private Practice has been anything but boring. "Remember Me" was almost all about Cooper and his "Mini Cooper," and it certainly did not disappoint.

Picking up right where we left off when Cooper received the surprise of his life, Cooper claimed he didn’t even remember Erica. He rightfully questioned why she would wait nine years to tell him and how he wished Erica had told him sooner. Good question, Coop. Charlotte’s was even better: Why trust Erica if he was with her for merely a single night nearly a decade ago?

First things first, though, I’ll admit that I am just like the majority of Charlotte and Cooper fans wanting to scream when I first heard about this long-lost-kid storyline. I was upset and disappointed because I just wanted the nearly newlyweds to catch a break. Then, there was also the fact that this plot has already been done only a million times already. However, I’m going to trust, or at least hope, that Shonda et all have our best interest in mind for this couple. Besides, what doesn’t kill them can only make them stronger, right? Read More...


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