Recap: 'The Vampire Diaries' - 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'

This week Elena and the gang are finally seniors, but no one's truly excited about it. Instead of worrying about which college to go to and AP exams (though they're probably worrying about that, too), they're dealing with vampires and werewolves and hybrids, oh my. And given the current state of affairs, the theme seems to be loneliness. Elena's lost Stefan, Caroline feels like she's losing Taylor, Bonnie's on her way to losing Jeremy and Matt's already lost everyone. It definitely puts a whole new spin on senioritis. 

Elena has Ric train her in the fine art of vampire defense. Ric believes in her, even if she's crazy to think she has a chance against a vampire who's turned off his humanity. Read: she's crazy to think she has a chance against Stefan. But really, she's more likely to be struggling with her feelings for him than any physical attack. Like women all over the world, she's discovering how much it stings when you find out your ex is a blood sucking jerk. Read More...


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