'The Vampire Diaries' recap: Ghost Stories

In EW.com's second annual Season Finale Awards last May, Jeremy seeing dead people was named the Single Most Clever Twist. With this episode, that story line has started to deliver. I still hate you selfish Vicki, whether or not you can produce a single tear, but thank you for bringing back Uncle Mason and tempting Jeremy to do more than hold hands with Anna (fingers crossed!). Let's dig in.

The hour started with Elena turning off her alarm clock at 5:15 a.m., and I wondered why she had to get up that early for school when she clearly wasn't going to shower because we watched her try to cover up Stefan's bite marks on her neck with makeup. Turns out, she was getting in a morning workout with Alaric, who told her she needs to build up muscle if she wants to work his stealthy stake-cuff that fires when you punch someone hard. She also needs to embrace the element of surprise, which is the only way humans can truly have a chance against vamps. And oh yeah, the show needs to never throw another exploding vervain grenade again because those special effects were like Syfy movie quality (excuse to type the word Mansquito!). Read More...



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