'The Mentalist' Recap: On an Island in the Sun

On this week's episode of The Mentalist, the team is called out to a little island to solve the murder of a girl with a troubled past. Grab your butterfly nets and a cup of tea for some highly observational fun.

Lonely Island

Lisbon and Jane are checking out the body of a dead female on an island when they run into William Gardner, butterfly enthusiast. They find out that the land is owned by another man, Jeb Stack (no relation to Joe Stack, noted IRS hater) who owns the land that the body was found on. It looks like we already have our first few suspects.

It turns out that the body belongs to a young woman named Talia Suarez who grew up in and out of foster homes. Jane and Lisbon try to find townspeople to talk to, but the place is deserted because everyone is at a town meeting. Who goes to town meetings anymore? I guess the locals are stuck in a time capsule of 1948.



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Oct 21, 2011 6:53PM EDT

AH the episode rockedddd !! 5 things I loved about it:

Love how Vanpelt is angry and becoming more and more... well kinda violent, but HEY remember that scene in the first/second season when she was pushed on the ground by a man, and didn't fight back. WELL it's time for Vanpelt to now show who's the REAL COP.

Love how Jane offered a beautiful diamond-like rock to Lisbon on the beach^^

Love Cho and Vanpelt's look when they "understood" that Rigsby was dating the lawyer-girl; from the dating agency

Love the intriguing ending with Patrick throwing a flower on the sea... meaningful much !

Love how Lisbon induced that she kinda missed Cho, when she was on the island.

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