The Vampire Diaries 3.06 "Smells Like Teen Spirit" Review

the vampire diaries

It's the first day of senior year on The Vampire Diaries which of course brings danger from many different angles and from many different sources. Who poses the biggest threat? The list is long; the vampire bodyguard without his humanity, the Original vampire left behind by her brother to keep watch, the lonely brother who just wants his sister back, the witch whose boyfriend is having long and meaningful discussions with his ghost ex-girlfriend or the hybrid who is loyal to the big enemy?

Things sure have got complicated since that first day of high school, from the pilot episode long ago and "Smells Like Teen Spirit" acted like a brilliantly 'bizarro world' version of this (and episode 2 of season 1).

Oh what a difference a year makes for Elena (Nina Dobrev) who reminds us and her friends that this first day of school is also the first anniversary of when she met Stefan (Paul Wesley). Instead of intrigue and longing looks the day is filled with snark filled remarks and disdainful glances. Stefan may catch Elena when she falls but this isn't an act of love, but merely because she is a "human blood bag." Elena however still has hope that they will eventually be able to de-ripper Stefan, a fact that he believes to be rather pathetic. Not so pathetic really, when she channels these comments to feed her strength and make Alaric's (Matt Davis) stake device work in Stefan's gut. This is after a training session that she had with Alaric that didn't go so well and thankfully Damon (Ian Somerhalder) went there with the Buffy comment otherwise I was going to have to do it (see also Damon's Xena reference: "oh Warrior Princess"). Read More...


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