The Big Bang Theory 5.06 Recap 'Mama Cooper hits L.A.'

big bang theory

Sheldon Cooper will never grow up. It's always been part of the humor of his character that someone so very intelligent could be so immature. This season on The Big Bang Theory there seems to be a recurring theme of not only addressing his unchanging ways, but also to perhaps attempt to start changing aspects of his immaturity and dependence on the ways he's refused to see beyond. What better way to do that than by having a visit from mama Cooper?

We've met Mary Cooper a couple of times before, but never has she been in the majority of the episode like she was last night. She's visiting California while on vacation before she heads out on her Christian cruise, yes you read that right. While there, she wants to spend time with not only her darling 'Shelly', but also his friends. Her visit was a perfect time to point out and address the various issues our favorite characters have been dealing with lately without having them whine about their problems all on their own. It's a neat little guest star trick shows like to use from time to time, and Mary Cooper was at her best while she moved around Sheldon's social circle—solving problems with her unique perspective on the World. Loved Leonard trying to stay on top of correcting Mrs. Cooper whenever a racial epithet would casually tumble out despite her best efforts at trying to say what's 'better' now. She's definitely a product of her upbringing and generational beliefs so when she says something a bit off-color, well she is trying at least to change that. Though they really did milk having her character say such things as a way to get to be more 'outrageous' than normal. Read More...


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