'Secret Circle' Recap: 'Wake'

by Ryan J. Downey

Witch hunters, boozy revelations, a huge breakup, a girl stabbed in the throat and a short novel's worth of new layers of "Secret Circle" mythology? If we didn't know better, we'd have thought "Wake" was the season finale. But we're still only six episodes in!

"I broke up with Adam," Diana tearfully tells Cassie, late in the episode.

"What happened?" Cassie asks.


Talk about a shakeup in the central love triangle. And that wasn't all. The last two episodes of "The Secret Circle" have accelerated to a freight train pace as the mysteriously interlocking web of Chance Harbor's past, present and future continued to be revealed.

"Wake" begins with the group still reeling from Nick's death. The Circle has learned the hard way that the magic coursing through their veins comes with real consequences. Even Diana's evil daddy Charles seems distraught and filled with remorse over it all.

"We bound that circle with no clue what we were doing," Cassie tells her grandmother. "And look what's happened. I think it's for the best it's broken now." But au contraire! It turns out the mysterious blonde dude Cassie saw hanging out at Nick's house next door is the late Circle member's brother, Jake. And thanks to his familial relation, he could actually take Nick's place in the Secret Circle. Read More...



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