NIKITA “Looking Glass” Review

NIKITA "Looking Glass" Season 2 Episode 5 – I’m not going to lie: I was worried when I saw the promos for this episode of Nikita and turned on the show with a sense of dread. I know a lot of people love the Michael/Nikita dynamic and consider it the core relationship of the show, but I’m not one of those people. It’s not that I dislike their relationship – on the contrary I’m happy they’re together and not doing the same old "will they/won’t they" crap which has tarnished some really good shows for me. I just don’t think Maggie Q and Shane West have the greatest chemistry. They work well together and the writers give them their moments, but chemistry is a case of either you have it or you don’t and for me, personally, I’m not feeling it.

That being said, this episode, while not as gripping as last week’s season peak, was far better than I’d imagined it would be, thanks to some clever writing filled with a myriad of twists and turns and tongue-in-cheek humor that gave the episode a great momentum whilst also developing the characters. Read More...


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