BEDLAM “Hide and Seek” Review

BEDLAM "Hide and Seek" Season 1 Episode 4 - Molly’s new job is babysitting Ella, the well-behaved young daughter of a fellow Bedlam resident. With sparks flying between Molly and Ella’s young, single father, it seems like a pretty cushy deal indeed. But then Ella’s behaviour changes, rousing Molly’s suspicions – is she being abused?

With a mysterious reappearing doll, a child’s voice, and drawings appearing on the walls, it seems as though Molly’s imaginary friend may be a little more real than anyone anticipated. Jed learns about the situation and enlists Ryan’s help in investigating it (alongside their ongoing missing persons case). They discover the six year old daughter of a maid was killed at Bedlam by a psychiatric patient over a hundred years ago. He spirit is tied to the doll. And she wants Ella dead.

Jed first saves Ella from being guided off a roof, and later rescues her when she falls through a rotten ceiling. Ella’s father is less than thankful, asking Jed whether he’s the one who was just released from a ‘looney bin’ and telling him to stay away. But Jed has more important things to deal with, namely guiding the little girl’s spirit to the children’s graveyard so she can be at peace with her fellow child spirits. Read More...


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Apr 5, 2013 6:41PM EDT

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