PRIVATE PRACTICE “Remember Me” Review

PRIVATE PRACTICE Season 5, Episode 4 "Remember Me" – Now to addition to the taking to the shrink motif, Private Practice is opening with metaphors. Much as I like literary references, this is not an upgrade.

The patient of the week for tonight’s "Remember Me" is the couple from 50 First Dates, but less cute. The wife remembers everything from before her car accident, but in the present day she forgets things as soon as you tell her, including the fact she’s nine months pregnant. With this couple, the husband plans on leaving her and taking the baby as soon as she gives birth. Doesn’t he know he’s suppose to spend every day making her fall in love with him?

The birth scene was brutal. When the father finally came in to be with his wife it seemed like a happy ending, and then they delivered the blow that there will never be a happy ending for someone who can’t recognize their own child. Read More...


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