CSI: NY “Air Apparent” Review

CSI: NY "Air Apparent" Season 8 Episode 5 – Man, I really loved the opening to this week’s installment of CSI: NY, "Air Apparent". Maybe it was because it was produced so well, or maybe it’s that all of the the parallels between Hank and Riley’s stories was great. Or maybe it’s just because I miss basketballso much with all of this talk of a lockout, but either way the opening scenes on shows like this rarely stick out, so it was a great way to begin the episode.

So this week’s episode revolved around Hank Frazier, a former basketball star who’s injury led to a dependence on drugs, and he’s been released from prison to spend more time with his little brotherand girlfriend. However, his girlfriend is murdered shortly after his release and his brother blames him.

The whole crew immediately identifies Hank as the killer as his name was written in blood on the wall of the crime scene, but thankfully we can all immediately rule him out as the killer using the tried-and-true technique of "Wait, there’s still 40 minutes left in the episode! He can’t have done it!" I really hope that the writers of CSI: NY, and the rest of the CSI shows for that matter, realize how incredibly predictable it is when a killer is identified too early in the episode. Read More...



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