BLUE BLOODS “A Night on the Town” Review

BLUE BLOODS Season 2,Episode 5 "A Night on the Town" – So Jamie decides to go under cover to party with the junior mobster he saved from an OD. He’s incognito because they removed all his pictures from the police databases, and he was never in any paper when, say, the police commissioner’s third son joined the academy, or at Joe’s funeral. Anyhow he seems charmed by his new friend’s sister, but might have to go undercover training school when the mobster in charge asks him about his family and he starts describing his own family’s make-up. I know he doesn’t use names but still, I feel like he should have gone with one of ten and a single mother, just to be safe.

I wasn’t actually sure what the rules of under cover cops (or under cover BLUE BLOODS cops at least) are. Yes, Jamie’s boss told him not to get involved so he held back as mobster Jr. lead his enemy on a serious acid trip, but what if a less bad guy was the one in trouble? Could he step in to save someone completely innocent, children or puppies in danger? I wasn’t sure if they were going to write in a relationship between Jamie and the mob sister, but now I think they will since Jamie seems to defend his friend’s actions, explaining it wasn’t attempted murder, but an eye for an eye, biblical. So he’s a religious guy, that’s something he can get behind. He’ll only blow off your head if you blow his off first, so he’s not really that dangerous. Read More...


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