BOSS “Listen” Review

BOSS "Listen" Season 1 Episode 1 – There’s this thing Hitchcock pointed out in his interviews with Truffaut when discussing his movie Confessions. The whole plot hinged on the fact that you can tell a Catholic priest anything, you could tell them you shot the president or you molested a child, yet they were bound by the Seal not to report what you told them in confession to the authorities. Now, this is perfectly true, but it seems so ridiculous that when Confessions first premiered, it flopped and Hitchcock theorized it flopped because audiences thought this concept was unbelievable. Boss runs the same risk. I have no doubt in my mind that politics is a crazy world, that the smiling "honest" faces in front of the cameras makes an absolute mockery of the likes of Daniel Day Lewis and Meryl Streep’s so-called "talent". But you have to been weaned into that world slowly, and this pilot lost a lot of believability once Mayor Tom Kane has his doctor injected with some sort of paralysing agent as a warning not to leak info to reporters.

The show is a little too eager to embrace the ear slicing moments, and when you don’t have a decent build up the payoffs have a lesser impact than, say, Damages, where at the end of that first episode when Patty Hewes threw the dog collar into the river my jaw was on the floor and my fist was in the fucking air. Read More...


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