MERLIN “Aithusa” Review

MERLIN "Aithusa" Season 4 Episode 4 – Last week Arthur was crowned king of Camelot after Uther’s death, yet if you expected to see much of Arthur settling into his golden hat, you were mistaken as this episode mostly leaves Camelot by the wayside and Merlin embraces his oft mentioned, underused title Dragon Lord.

When Borden, a rather shifty guy pops up unannounced with a weird Celtic looking symbol called the Triskelion, Gaius is immediately suspicious and kicks him out. Merlin, being his usual curious self, does some sniffing around and finds out that the mysterious Triskelion is a sort of key which opens up the Tomb of Askanar which leads to a dragon’s egg. He makes a promise to the Great Dragon to do everything in his might to save the race of dragons. Read More...


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