THE X FACTOR UK “Rock Week” Review

THE X FACTOR UK "Rock Week" Season 8 Live Show 3 – Yes, it’s rock week. Which means we’ll have a lot of girls in leather, a lot of flashing lights and head banging to a lot of The Calling.

Marcus is first up and he’s showing us that girls aren’t the only ones who wear leather. He sings whatever song he’s singing quite well. But I still can’t help staring at my fingernails while he’s performing. I think I should stop biting them. I’m not six, after all. Oh my god, someone’s dying on tv! No, wait, it’s just Marcus squalling. Gary really likes it.

Janet takes on Sweet Child O’ Mine and moves on the stage and they replace Slash and his silly guitar solo with a harpists. Much cooler. "If I stare too long, I’ll probably break down and croyoy."

Sami takes on Cher and she’s concentrating on performing with her core and glaring at the tv audience with a look of "If you don’t vote for me I’ll show up at your door and fuck you up. All nine million of you bitches are done for if I don’t get through." I was unaware Cher was a rock legend. Read More...


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