DEXTER “A Horse of a Different Color” Review

DEXTER "A Horse of a Different Color" Season 6 Episode 4 – Dexter returned this week with "A Horse of a Different Color", and the title seemed very appropriate, as this was definitely an episode of a different color as compared to the first three installments. The first three episodes were good, but really lacked a feeling of focus that would set the season in motion. This week’s installment looked to change that, and I think it did a great job.

We got our first look at how Deb’s replacement, Mike Anderson, is going to work in the scheme of the rest of the Miami Metro team. It’s tough as a long time Dexter fan to not have comparisons to Doakes come to you immediately, and no, not just because he’s black, you racist. Just once, I’d like to see a tall, strong, bald black man walk into a police department on a TV show and NOT be the tough guy. Wouldn’t that blow your mind if Anderson comes in and he’s a total softie? He starts quoting Voltaire and Shakespeare and greets everybody with an enthusiastic handshake and a cheesy grin. But no, he’s got something to prove so he acts like a huge jerk to everybody. He comes off very much like a slightly smarter Doakes. I guess now that Quinn has been reduced to a whiny little baby, the tough guy quota at Miami Metro needs to be fulfilled. Read More...


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