Pandora Hearts Season 1 Episode 3 Review: The Lost Child and the Black Rabbit

After a short recap of the final moments of the previous episode we find Oz wandering in the Salvador Dali-esque universe that is the Abyss. Floating objects and desolate blackness surrounds him as he tries to figure out what to do. Before he can decide anything however he finds himself under attack from a psychotic little doll creature, culminating in an amusing umbrella gag.

Oz survives the encounter but barley gets a chance to catch his breath before he's under attack again, this time by a giant scarecrow that looks like Jack Skellington on HGH. Luck isn't on his side this time, but that doesn't matter because B-Rabbit shows up and swiftly dispatches the creature. At this point we finally learn she has a name that doesn't make me think of a Robot Chicken sketch, that name being Alice.

Alice explains that those creatures that attacked Oz were Chains, creatures that live within the Abyss and can enter the mortal world by making contracts with humans, creating a symbiotic relationship between the two. Alice then says that she is also a chain and wants to make a contract with Oz so she can search for her lost memories. Before Oz can give a yay or nay however he is suddenly rescues by Sharon Rainsworth who claims to have followed after him.

Oz gets gushy, once again losing all form of rational thought as he revels in being around Sharon. So caught up is he that he doesn't notice her suddenly becoming ANOTHER Chain, and again tries to eat him. Alice comes to the rescue again, only this time she doesn't dispatch the chain quite so easily and ends up being swallowed whole. Oz tries to save her but finds himself unable to do so on his own so in a moment (the first of many in this series) of martyrdom he agrees to contract with Alice. Suddenly invigorated with a humans body and power, Alice destroys the chain and escapes the Abyss.

Once again we find ourselves back in the ruins of the cathedral (remember from last episode?) where Break, Sharon (the real one this time) and Raven are once again talking about heading into the Abyss to rescue Oz. Before they can actually do so however Oz conveniently shows up.

Now, according to Sharon, the have the key to the Tragedy of Sabriel, that big mysterious mcguffin that happened 100 years ago

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