AGAINST THE WALL “Second Chances” and “We Protect Our Own” Reviews

AGAINST THE WALL "Second Chances/We Protect Our Own" Season 1 Episodes 12 and 13 – With the double episodes "Second Chances" and "We Protect Our Own," the first season of Against the Wall comes to an end. It’s been a fun ride, one that, considering the cliffhanger on which it ended, I hope Lifetime decides to continue next year.

The first episode of the night dealt with an episode of hazing at the local police academy. The story was bland and over-run by the more interesting personal story going on at Mama Kowalski’s new bakery. On the verge of opening her doors, Sheila decides to start hiring employees from a rehab program for convicted felons. Understandably, that doesn’t go over very well with her cop family. As predicted, trouble comes knocking in the form of a new employee’s gangster boyfriend. When Sheila won’t give him the information he wants, she’s forced to draw her gun in order to get him to leave her store. Read More...


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