PAN AM “Once Coin in a Fountain” Review

PAN AM "One Coin in a Fountain" Season 1 Episode 5 – If ABC is going to cancel Pan Am, I almost wish they’d go ahead and do it because I am getting more and more invested in this group ofcharacters. Not to mention that this week’s episode, "One Coin in a Fountain," went and upped the ante in terms of long-reaching plots.

My (kind of) clever use of a gambling cliche is no coincidence; this week we flew to Monte Carlo by way of London. On the flight to England, a voluptuous female passenger catches Captain Dean’s eye when she not-so-subtly sneaks her way into the cockpit, something that seems so insane to think of as feasible in a post-9/11 world. Poor Dean; he doesn’t find out that his new squeeze, Ginny, is the mistress of the vice-president of Pan Am (played by Scott Cohen) until after she bangs him in the back of a Bentley in London. But even knowing who she is doesn’t stop him from banging her again in Monte Carlo. Bad pilot! You could lose more than your job for that. Read More...


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