Supernatural 7.05 Review: Trying to Get Through Dean's Defenses

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This week, we were treated to a fun, gross and informative episode of Supernatural. Former Buffy stars Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters reunited as guest stars and played Maggie and Don Stark.

War of the Roses

We opened with the death of a woman at a hair salon (her head was "roasted" by a big hair dryer). Sam and Dean quickly caught on to the freaky deaths in Indiana and arrived in town to investigate. When another death occurred (with a nail gun - gross!), they realized that the only thing connecting the victims was a shopping mall development deal, so they went to speak to the last person involved in the deal who was still alive: Don Stark.

Don was, unfortunately, going through a bit of a rough patch with his wife and the couple was currently separated. According to Don, he had a bit of a "thing" with one of the victims - "thing" meaning "affair". Well, Sam and Dean didn’t think that was much of a coincidence and an investigation of the Starks’ house revealed that Maggie was casting spells and killing everyone she thought was involved in her husband’s betrayal.

The brothers called up Bobby for help and he came up with a spell that should help stop Maggie. But Don was getting tired of Maggie taking out her revenge and ruined her charity gala. The couple reconvened at their house to fight it out, but the Winchesters crashed the party. Due to some bad chicken feet, their spell didn’t exactly go as planned and Sam came up with the idea to counsel the couple. They managed to talk some things out (and we learned that they’re over 800 years old) and the Winchesters considered it a job well done. Read More...


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