'Once Upon a Time's' Ginnifer Goodwin: 'Love, action, adventure, mystery, fantasy'

"Once Upon a Time" is the new ABC drama based on Grimm's fairytales (among other fanciful stories), where the characters from fairytale land are trapped in Storybrooke, Maine and don't know their mythical status. Ginnifer Goodwin stars as Snow White and in this video interview, she talks about her character and what we can expect from this epic new show."'Once Upon a Time' is a reinvention of the fairytales we all know, but our ironic twist is that the Evil Queen cast a curse to thrust us into a modern time and place," says Goodwin. "I play Snow White. She has been recreated into a woman named Sister Mary Margaret Blanchard, who is a school teacher.""In the cursed Storybrooke world, she is plagued with all of the qualities the Evil Queen would want her to have," Goodwin continues. "The insecurities, hopelessness, the negative characteristics of Snow White.""'Once Upon a Time' is full of hope, love,...



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