Judy Greer: Ashton Kutcher brings 'a freshness and an energy to the set that I didn't notice before'


If it wasn't for Judy Greer, Ashton Kutcher wouldn't be on "Two and a Half Men."Ok, perhaps a better way of putting it is if it wasn't for Judy Greer's character Bridget wanting a divorce, Kutcher's character Walden Schmidt wouldn't have attempted to drown himself and ended up alongside Alan (Jon Cryer) and Jake (Angus Jones) in the Malibu beach house. But Monday (Oct. 24) marks the end of Greer's four-episode arc with the show as the soon-to-be-ex of the Internet billionaire. And if Greer was in a similar spot in real life, she'd do the same as her character, divorcing the overgrown child."It's pretty incredible when you think of how gorgeous he is and how much money his character has...[but] I would probably get a little tired of it. I mean [Schmidt's] pretty out there," she says. Greer continues, "I could see myself being like 'I'll do it. I can do it. I can...



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