'Once Upon a Time' EPs: No damsels in distress - 'Snow White wields a sword'


"Once Upon a Time" is the newest drama from ABC, brought to life by "Lost" executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis. They tell Zap2it that working on "Lost" is what helped them formulate the basis for their new show."The idea came about eight or nine years ago, Eddy and I were coming off working on 'Felicity' and we were talking about why we even like to tell stories," says Horowitz. "This led to a discussion about fairytales and these stories that inspired us as kids and made us want to be writers in the first place.""How hard would it be to be the Evil Queen?" Kitsis continues. "You're literally surrounded by all these people who get a happy ending. That was the kind of show we wanted to write, but we didn't know how to tell it and I think our time on 'Lost' really focused us and helped us realize how to do...



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