'Dexter' Recap: 'A Horse of a Different Color' (6.04)

Dexter's decided to go to the baptism Brother Sam invited him to after all, even though the idea of religious faith goes right over his head. It's too bad that they don't have time to have a discussion, because it might've come in handy when Dex is called out to deal with the "wicked rodeo" we saw at the end of last week's episode. New guy Mike (Billy Brown) quickly points out to the Metro team that it has something to do with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. You can practically see the lightbulb clicking on.

Mike's theory starts to slot things into place for our heroes, who set off looking for the now-named "Doomsday Killer." Deb questions how successful she'll be at catching anyone when she's being told to give a press conference and finish her post-shooting therapy. The press conference doesn't go all that well, particularly with LaGuerta still meddling, but Matthews doesn't seem bothered, so it's no harm, no foul. Of course, he might not be so supportive once the shine wears off. Read More...



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