The Amazing Race 19.05 "I Feel Like I'm in the Circus" Review

the amazing race

One of the biggest complaints I've had about Emmy powerhouse The Amazing Race is that the results have increasingly been determined not by the performance of a team in that leg's road block/detour but more logistical errors that render said challenges pretty irrelevant. It doesn't make as much of a difference in the grander scheme of things, considering how frustratingly simple the detours and road blocks have gotten in recent years, but for a show with as strong a pedigree as The Amazing Race has to let cab drivers and plane tickets trump the supposedly amazing part of your race is pretty maddening.

"I Feel Like I'm in the Circus" is arguably the most prime example of this phenomenon thus far in the season, as the two road blocks had absolutely no effect on the outcome of the race. I understand that there are other factors that determine who wins The Amazing Race, i.e. a mixture of luck, decision-making, and social status, but having an episode resemble a collection of speed bumps is not a way to win back any of the good will that the show has lost. As I've reiterated throughout the season, this show doesn't have to be dangerous or intentionally too difficult, as you want the challenges to, y'know, challenge and not cripple the teams, but watching teams hustle and bustle in airports and bus terminals isn't the highest form of entertainment. Read More...


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