Desperate Housewives 8.05 "The Art Of Making Art" Recap

desperate housewives

Did you miss last week’s recap? Catch up right here.

In this week’s episode, "The Art Of Making Art," Lynette and Tom finally make it to couples therapy. Of course, things don’t exactly go smoothly. "Stop calling it dating," Tom argues, saying that his dates are just dinner with a friend. Lynette argues that $300 dinners aren’t just "dinners with a friend" and the two start quarreling all over again. The therapist says that emotions are running high, primarily because their separation happened with no clear outcome – were they trying to find a way to end the marriage, or were they trying to find a way to get back together? To their credit, both have no answer, and the therapist tells them they need to establish honesty with each other – whether they’ve dated and whether they’ve had sex so far while being apart. When Lynette gets upset, Tom says he wants to work things out but he knows they don’t make each other happy…and if they don’t explore other options, they’re going to end up hating each other. Lynette storms out of the session, proclaiming she’s going after the dating pool herself.

At her first PTA meeting, Gabrielle tries out her new leadership role as acting president. Of course, in classic Gabrielle mode, she has no idea how to take responsibility, showing up late due to her spa appointment and then attempting to delegate the work to other parents, who aren’t as willing as she expects. When Gabrielle tries to plead with them, the others say that they have lives – unlike Gabrielle’s many manicure dates. "Geez, talk about selfish," Gabrielle deadpans as the women leave her. I have to admit I laughed out loud at this – in eight years, the one constant of Gabrielle’s character, no matter how much she’s evolved, has been her blinding selfish attitude. It’s my favorite thing about her. Read More...


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