The Walking Dead Review: The Kids Are Not All Right

If you thought dealing with flesh-eating zombies was a headache, try taking care of a child while dealing with flesh-eating zombies. For some reason, kids find the easiest ways to get lost, shot or just plain in danger. And don't ask Rick to be the babysitter, either.

"Bloodletting" felt like the missing end of the season premiere, practically picking up right where it left off and sending Rick and the wounded Carl towards Hershel's farm.

I love the new setting and the peaceful appearance, as it illustrates a nice contrast with the claustrophobia of the city. Just looking at the painting-like locale makes it hard to believe that zombies have taken over the world. Fans of the graphic novel should be pleased with the introduction of this significant location, especially with the new character at the center: Hershel. Read More...


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