Dexter 6.04 "A Horse of a Different Color" Review

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Dexter season 6 returns to carve up a forth outing with this week’s "A Horse of a Different Color," as our favorite serial killer studies the patterns of the gruesome "Doomsday Killer," and faces a crisis of faith when young Harrison takes ill.  With Dexter season 6’s main villains out in the open, the story ramps up full force but faces a few unnecessary distractions.

Last week’s "Smokey and the Bandit" made for a fun standalone episode with a shocking twist, but still felt like a diversion from the main storyline.  "A Horse of a Different Color" returns to the main narrative, but creates some tangential loose ends in a different way.  Too many instances during "A Horse of a Different Color" had me asking "who are these people, and why do I care?"

LaGuerta still has nothing to do other than bizarrely coach Deb through her old job, Deb herself struggles with public relations, Quinn and Batista have nothing to do other than get high in a Trans Am, and Dexter’s babysitter Jamie (Aimee Garcia) seems to have a bizarrely prominent role despite a lack of involvement in any current storylines. Read More...


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Aug 20, 2012 10:30AM EDT

Wow this religious killers thing , first true blood and religion and now Dexter and religion why are my favorite shows mixing religion and faith up for fiction this will not get christian viewers to watch the show so what gives?

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