How To Make It In America Review: "It's Not Even Like That"

Ben must have felt like he was the one taking the THC spray after he learned about Domingo and Rachel this week in "It's Not Even Like That." Domingo going after Rachel set him on a similar path taken by one Joey Tribbiani who acted on his feelings for his friend's ex, another Rachel. Ben didn't spew the same high pitched protests Ross Geller did, but he was definitely hurt. Should Domingo have mentioned something to Ben earlier or at least come clean? For sure, but he also did have every right to be upset with Ben for basically telling him he wasn't good enough to date Rachel.

This was no simple case of bros before hoe's, Domingo and Ben are like family. Rachel though seemed to make our dog walking dealer very happy. I'm confident the Ben and Domingo will clear the air eventually, but for the moment Domingo seemed like he was choosing his "Lay" over "Fam." Ben meanwhile, continued to impress Nancy and has only to keep wearing black to end up seeing the inside of her town house again real soon.  Read More...


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