One Piece Season 10 Episode 364 Oars Roars!! Come Out,Straw Hat Crew Recap

Chopper and Robin watch as Cindry's body refuses to move, much to the dismay of Hogback. However, Cindry quickly recovers and Hogback tells Cindry to buy as much time as possible so he can escape. Robin quickly restrains Cindry though, and Chopper captures Hogback easily. Robin starts to lift Chopper and Hogback up, Chopper preparing to throw Hogback down to the ground from a dangerous height. Elsewhere, Luffy is confronted by Oars who is given the order to capture and destroy every Straw Hat Pirate. Moria takes advantage of Luffy's bewilderment at Oars and quickly escapes, though Luffy immediately starts chasing after him while Oars begins hunting down the other Straw Hats. Oars' moving around the island causes many disturbances and he interrupts just as Chopper is about to throw Hogback to the ground. Hogback is trampled by Oars while Cindry again is unable to move. As Oars continues to move he also disrupts the battle between Sanji and Absalom. While Sanji is distracted by Oars, Absalom steals Nami back and plans to properly wed her this time without any disturbances. Zoro, Franky and Brook see Oars' huge figure coming towards them and they quickly realize that it is Luffy's zombie. Sanji also arrives to help fight Oars along with Usopp, Chopper and Robin who realize that the gigantic Oars has received orders to destroy them. At the end, Oars cries for the Straw Hats to come out and do battle with him.

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