'The Office' Recap: 'Garden Party'

Forgive my absence.  I blame it on a European vacation, and I could only view ‘The Office’ in French.

The writers of ‘The Office’ keep coming up with fairly clever ways of getting the office staff out of, well, the office. Think of some of the series’ best episodes, such as ‘Booze Cruise,’ ‘Casino Night’ and ‘Niagara.’

‘Garden Party’ doesn’t quite rank up there, but it’s pretty good. Andy decides to host a garden party (how very Connecticut of him) at Schrute Farms, seemingly as a way to impress Robert California. However, it soon becomes clear that he’s really trying to impress his parents (played perfectly by Stephen Collins and Dee Wallace).

It seems Andy’s brother (a game Josh Groban) recently had a garden party thrown by their folks, and it was a smash. Predictably, this one doesn’t go quite so well.  Let’s run down why:

-Dwight, as host, finds a book about garden party hosting on the Internet, the only copy in existence. And that’s ‘cause it’s written by Jim. It provides reasons for Dwight and his staff to perform ridiculous stunts like 17th century dance and a closing ceremony with torches. Read More....



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