Naruto Season 7 Episode 171 Infiltration: The Set-Up!!

While on the beach, Anko, still unconscious, was being tended to by Ino. Meanwhile, Naruto spoke of his encounter with Isaribi earlier. The episode then moved to Anko's sudden reflection on her memories. She saw Orochimaru approaching towards her, telling her that the Hokage had found out about their experiments. Shino, Naruto and Ino decided to continue with their original mission: to protect the official payments and to capture the Kaima (Isaribi).

The group headed to Demon Island (Kikaijima), an island located in the Land of the Sea where supposedly the Kaima resided. Anko awoke and explained that the Kaima (the Demon of the Ocean) was a human who had undergone physical transmutations. Whilst they were talking, Yoroi and Isaribi headed underwater to Orochimaru's lair. Inside, Isaribi passed on the information relating to the official payments, and asked when she would return to normal. Yoroi told her that she was a prototype and that, when he was done collecting information from her, he would change her back. He then sent her to dispatch Naruto and the rest of the group, who had just arrived on the shore.

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