Recap: 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' - 'The Opposite of Relaxation'

I'm thinking that Bravo might need to change the name of the show, at least for a little while, to "The Endless Catfight of Brandi and Kyle" or "Kyle and Kim: Mean Ass Sistas," as we're now onto episode three of the nasty battle between Brandi and Kyle and Kim that fully blossomed during Game Night. As much as I love a good, old-fashioned catfight, this is getting a little ridiculous. At the very least, let's find some new material, girls. Maybe Kyle needs to come up with some LeAnn Rimes jokes or something. 

But before we can continue our bitchfest, some humble domesticity. Lisa tries to teach Adrienne how to cook a chicken. Adrienne cannot find the cutting board in her kitchen. She insists on washing the chicken with soap, nattering on and on about salmonella poisoning. She wears latex gloves to handle the chicken. Lisa is about ready to stuff Adrienne with lemons and onions by the time they finally finish their chicken mission, and all I can think is, why does Adrienne ever have to cook anything? Isn't that the whole advantage of being rich? If Lisa comes over and offers to show Adrienne how to vacuum or wash dishes, I think Adrienne should just pop her over the head with a dustpan. If she can find one. Or knows what one is. 

Taylor, Dana and Kyle get together for a play date, as they all have children roughly the same age. Not that this has anything to do with the kids, as it's just an excuse for the girls to get together and bitch about anyone who isn't in attendance. Of course, first name on the agenda? Brandi! Kyle can't BELIEVE Brandi. She's happily ripping into Brandi when Taylor, with her big, sad eyes, tries to play peacekeeper. She just wants to put Brandi's terrible behavior during Game Night in perspective! Oh, Taylor. Please stop worrying about everyone else and eat something.  Read More...


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