Castle 4.06 "Demons" Review


So that was the epitome of an incredibly fun episode, wasn’t it? I must confess that what I was really looking forward to about last night was the fact that we would finally get a glimpse of episode 4.07 "Cops & Robbers" that we have all been so excited about. From the promo and sneak peeks about "Demons", however, I figured it would most likely be one of those funny episodes with lots of one-liners and puns about ghosts and Ghostbusters.

And, well, I wasn’t wrong. But what I wasn’t expecting was that it was going to be so much fun. I’ll be the first to admit that I am not a comedy kind of girl, but "Demons" really got to me and I found myself genuinely enjoying all the ghost stories and theories. What I really loved about this episode, though – and it’s something I have been noticing for a couple of episodes now – is how they are mixing up the team a lot more this season.

Up until season 3, we had a very clear division in the homicide team with Castle and Beckett doing their own thing and Ryan and Esposito doing theirs. But lately, it seems like they are trying out different combinations and, as much as I absolutely loved Ryan and Beckett working together in "Kick the Ballistics", Castle and Ryan chasing ghost leads in "Demons" were just a whole new level of awesome. Maybe it’s because I have a new found love for Detective Ryan – I have always liked him, but he just seems to get exponentially more awesome and sweeter this season – but I just thought that it really worked having him and Castle paired up with their belief of the supernatural, while Beckett and Esposito stood on the other side of the spectrum being completely skeptical. Read More...


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