Burst Angel OVA Review

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While Gonzo delves into manga and novel adaptations for their series, they do a fair number of original creations as well. Based on a screenplay by Fumihiko Shimo, someone who is involved in a number of rather popular shows in the last few years, Burst Angel is the kind of series that handles the weekly adventures pretty well and gives you reasons to come back. When taken in total though, the weaknesses of the series design shine through a bit more and that makes it more difficult to work through.

When Burst Angel was first released in single form by FUNimation, I made it through the first episode before looking for someone else to review it. With a glut of shows out at the time and this one looking pretty unappealing, Even with subsequent re-releases and the OVA, I never got around to watching past that first episode until the Viridian DVD set came out back in 2008. Watching the show in collected form at that point was probably the best way I could get into it for what it is as it's very easy to see how a show like this would frustrate me in single disc form. Taking it again a year later, this time in high definition, I must admit that my feelings have not changed. Sometimes presentation can make a huge difference witness my about face on some titles like Fist of the North Star.

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